Mortgage Process

Get your head round the mortgage process using our handy step-by-step guide.

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  2. Check your finances

    First things first you probably need to know how much you could potentially borrow...

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    How It Works

    To get the ball rolling, the most important thing to work out is just how much you can afford to borrow.

    We've built a couple of handy tools to help you find exactly what sort of budget you have to play with! We've made finding out what you can afford super simple. Once you find a deal, we will sort the rest.

    Affordability Calculator

    Provide us with some basic details and we'll confirm the amount of money you could potentially borrow.

    Go to our Affordability Calculator ›

    Compare Mortgages

    We've built a mortgage comparison tool to let you search the very best rates from only the lenders who lend in Northern Ireland and bring them online to you.

    Compare Mortgages Now ›


    Don't forget that you will probably incur conveyancing fees such as land registry fees and/or stamp duty. Contact your solicitor to get a quotation.

  4. Let us double check!

    We'll review your finances with you and double check that a lender would potentially accept your application.

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    PropertyPal Mortgage Promise

    Receiving your PropertyPal Mortgage Promise is a simple process. It is a basic sanity check that shows you are serious and in a good position to buy.

    In order to obtain this, we require some basic details from you. This can be done in one of our branches or we can arrange an online meeting. We then crunch a few numbers, including running a credit check, to come up with a figure that 'in principle' a provider would be able to lend you.

    If you get past the initial stage where you receive your PropertyPal Mortgage Promise, there's a good chance a lender will be able to help you.

    Some Stuff you'll need

    We'll need a few documents to get started:

    1. A recent utility bill for proof of address
    2. Proof of ID
    3. Last 3 months payslips
    4. Last 3 months bank statements
    5. Proof of your deposit
    6. Disclosure of any outstanding loans or debt e.g. car loans etc.

    Finding your perfect new home

    Once you've got your PropertyPal Mortgage Promise, you can start to seriously look for a new home on PropertyPal. Woohoo!

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    Still got more questions?

    Not sure exactly what product you require? Ask any question you might have and we can help explain any jargon.

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  7. Put the Wheels in Motion

    Once you've confirmed you are happy to proceed, it's full steam ahead!

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    Proceed with the Mortgage Application

    Now that we have recommended the most suitable lender and product, we can put the wheels in motion and submit your full mortgage application. Every PropertyPal Mortgages customer gets their own fully-qualified adviser as well as a dedicated case manager to help manage the process.

    Original Documents

    It's important that we have seen the originals of all documents. You can call into one of our branches with these or we can arrange for a courier to collect the documents at a time and place that suits you.

  9. Just relax!

    It's over to the lender at this point whilst they process the application and arrange a valuation of your new home.

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    Processing the Mortgage Application

    This is the longest part of the mortgage application as typically we'll be waiting on a lender to process the application, perform underwriting and arrange a valuation. However, we'll be communicating regularly with them on your behalf to ensure everything is running smoothly. So what exactly happens behind the scenes:

    Application Submitted

    We'll send off all the information a lender needs to get your application started.

    Application Review

    The lender will double check everything still looks ok since we issued your PropertyPal Mortgage Promise, including reviewing originals of documentation.

    Arrange a valuation

    Providing the lender is happy, they'll arrange a valuation of the home you are intending to buy.

    Valuation takes place

    A survey will take place to check the home is structurally sound and appropriately valued.

    Review of Valuation

    The surveyor sends the information back to the lender so they can see if there are any potential problems.

    Approve Application

    After making sure everything is ok, the lender approves the application

  11. Woohoo

    You've received a mortgage offer!

  12. 05

    Receive Your Offer!

    Provided everything is ok and we've received all documentation, you should receive an offer from the lender via post. It will then be over to your solicitor to exchange contracts and perform the legal side of the process (known as conveyancing).

  13. Sign Contract. Get Keys.

    Home Sweet Home.