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What Is A ‘Remortgage'?

Remortgaging is when you take out a new mortgage on a property that you own and already have a mortgage for. It's the process of shopping around for a better deal.

Why remortgage?

For most people, their mortgage is their biggest financial outgoing. So reducing this cost will likely help you make the biggest saving. Each person will have their own unique reasons for choosing to remortgage, but from our experience, they usually fall into one of these four categories.

  • To reduce your monthly payments

  • To shorten your mortgage term

  • To make home improvements

  • To raise a deposit for another property

Is it easy to remortgage?

In most cases, yes; the mortgage process is straightforward. Like with your mortgage, you find the product you want and apply with your broker, but the process itself is a lot simpler as there are no contracts to exchange and fewer searches to be carried out. It usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

Can I remortgage with bad credit?

It depends on the severity of your credit issues and the Loan To Value (the percentage of the property value you want to borrow).

For example, the more severe your issues and the higher your LTV, the less likely you are to get a better deal.

How Much Can I Remortgage For?

Again, this depends on the LTV but many lenders will allow you to remortgage up to 90%. You may find it difficult to remortgage if you don't have much left to pay off. Some lenders won't offer a deal on anything less than £25,000.

Lender Initial Rate Upfront Fees Overall Cost Monthly Repayments

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Ooh, looks like you are in negative equity. Get in touch to see what we can do.
Based on your criteria, no mortgage products are currently available. However, please contact us to discuss further options that may exist.
Unfortunately there are no Mortgage products to suit at the moment with this criteria. This could be due to the lack of Interest Only mortgages products available if the property is going to be your main home.
The minimum deposit for a Buy To Let mortgage is 20%. You will need to increase the deposit to see what products are available.
Your Deposit is the same as the property value. It seems you do not require a mortgage.
Your Deposit is greater than the property value. It seems you do not require a mortgage.
Based on your criteria, the Loan-to-Value % for this property is less than 1%. It seems you do not require a mortgage.

Can I remortgage early?

It will depend on your mortgage deal. In many cases you will be legally required to have owned the property for 6 months before you can start thinking about remortgaging.

You may also face early repayment charges if you remortgage before your fixed rate has come to an end. In some cases, the saving of remortgaging will not cover these charges and it will be more financially viable to wait.

If your fixed rate is coming to an end or if you want to explore your options,
try our Beat Your Bank challenge to see what you could save by remortgaging!

Want to see how YOUR bank compares?

Take our 60 second Beat Your Bank Challenge.


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